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Released the:2015-07-31 source:未知 "font: big in small"
Zhejiang FEIHONG communications group co., LTD is a professional production of communication products, real estate development and business trade of large private enterprises. Group of companies under a flying optic cable co., LTD., hangzhou flying communication equipment co., LTD., zhejiang flying antique city traffic facilities co., LTD., hangzhou co., LTD., zhejiang flying real estate co., LTD and so on more than 10 subsidiaries. Enterprise covers an area of 232000 square meters, building area of 232000 square meters, with total assets of 1.724 billion yuan. Staff of more than 1000 people, including various types of professional and technical personnel account for 20% of total staff. 2 0 terminating the gross value of industrial output 3.08 billion yuan, the annual total profit tax of more than 5000 ten thousand yuan. Company has been rated as fuyang contributions to industrial enterprises, enterprise of hangzhou city, zhejiang province three ten strong enterprise electronic information industry, China's top 500 private enterprises and the Chinese enterprise of electronic components, is listed as key industrial enterprises in zhejiang province and hangzhou, "a group of five" key industrial enterprises, by provincial department identified as high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province.

The business goal Since it was founded, zhejiang flying communications group co., LTD., is to "technology first, talented person for this" approach to development, adhere to the "diversification, scale development, export-oriented economy, global competition" development path. Actively use communication technology co., LTD., sophisticated technology, joint-stock enterprise excellent management experience and the flying communication group co., LTD. Zhejiang private enterprises a flexible management approach, rely on the cooperation with customers, actively explore in optical communication field, determined to become very influential domestic fiber manufacturers.

The enterprise culture Since the company since its inception, vigorously carry forward the "unity, pragmatic, heavy and trustworthy, dedicated, love the" spirit of enterprise, at the same time, also set "zhejiang flying newspaper" journals, to dig talent, guide staff to apply, talk to each other, carry forward the enterprise culture. Public-spirited activities, company leadership attaches great importance to improve the quality of the staff culture technology and improve the living conditions of the staff, to repay society, encouraging staff to share the achievements of the development of the enterprise.

Service users to provide customers with excellent products and first-class service, is the fundamental purpose of the enterprise, it is due to stick to this tenet, make the e nterprise production, the big increase in sales year after year. Therefore, companies of all staff before, in the contract, the contract after the contract service consciousness training, specially to write the detailed "salesman manual"; Make every employee to the connotation of the service is the enterprise life.Zhejiang flying group co., LTD., chairman and general manager Liu Shuimu kai all staff, sincerely welcome friends from all over the country and around the world to come to my company guidance, let us hand in hand together compose the flying more brilliant tomorrow.

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