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Zhejiang flying communications group co., LTD is a professional production of communication products, real estate development and business trade of large private enterprises. Group of companies under a flying optic cable co., LTD., hangzhou flying communication equipment co., LTD., zhejiang flying antique city traffic facilities co., LTD., hangzhou co., LTD., zhejiang flying real estate co., LTD and so on more than 10 subsidiaries...

Leadership speech

The flying hone after 20 years development, wind and rain baptism, is rooted in the national communications industry in China the young trees began to grow, the road ahead is still very long. We will adhere to the technology first, talented person for this principle, give full play to the flying mans ingenuity, relies on the support of the society from all walks of life, Chinese and foreign intelligence and striving for the flying new take-off!

Corporate culture

Enterprise spirit: unity, hands-on, heavy and trustworthy, work excellently
Enterprise policy: science and technology first, talented person for this
Core values: respect the individual creativity Have the courage to bear the social responsibility
Corporate philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, harmonious undertaking-starting and scientific development

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