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Ideas determine

Summarizes the characteristic of each enterprise, the determination of talent concept can be determined from the following several aspects:

1, from the top to the person's basic assumptions, such as theory X and theory Y human nature assumption in management. Under the two hypotheses, determine the concept of talent is not the same. Not only considering the environment in different people demand is met to consider factors that affect people's work efficiency, especially to the later, the feelings of the factors are also considered in, "respect the individual" and "humanized management" has become the talent concept of many companies.

2, from the relationship between the enterprise and the staff on the positioning on certain. The relationship of positioning in different enterprises on the division of work, job evaluation, salary allocation are reflected. Japan's enterprise idea is "we are a team", and the idea of corporate America is "hire the best people. When in the recruitment selection, the Japanese enterprise emphasizes the spirit of cooperation, and corporate America emphasize individual ability. This is the day, the United States joint venture to the general manager appointed by the point of view are at opposite poles.

3, can locate from the requirement to the behavior of the employees. This situation is the most obvious comparison is "rational management" with the difference of "quick action", or "compliance culture" and "personality innovation" the concept of two kinds of difference. In such two different concept of talent, enterprise top management on the talent requirements, selection, appraisal method also exist obvious difference.

, from the attitude toward talent localization, such as haier "not race horses," IBM "internal selection and training". As some enterprise, continuous work for 10 years, without the prior approval of the chairman of the board of directors of the company and the President, shall be classified as temporary layoffs and permanent fire object, in this way, the enterprise culture to stimulate staff's work enthusiasm has played a very big effect.Talent concept of fuzzy the greatest harm is caused the company personnel policy continuity. Because there is no clear concept of talent, the company's personnel policy will be for internal or external environment change and change, and the company's employees don't know how I should do is right, the end result is the enterprise employee behavior standard, the diversity and dynamics of too much, lead to enterprise staff is invalid behavior affected human resources into full play.

The talent conditions

Best talent is the foundation of the enterprise strategic target, is the enterprise sustainable development power. Company with scientific training methods, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform introductions yangjae, broad career development space, in the human resources use, "" selected, yukon, intensify efforts, constantly optimize the structure of personnel quality. Can let every employee in the collective good news feihong fully embody self-value, and achieve the goal of personal career planning and enterprise development biggest fit, employees with enterprise common growth. Company respected "innovation and beyond, integrity, responsibility, spirit of cooperation, work happy, healthy life" of the enterprise values, as we all work of the human resource guidelines, we think that "good finish work staff of the company is the wealth", the company pays attention to employees' integrity and responsibility of moral character, promote communication, cooperation and dedication, helping each other. Company to scientific and standardized management for the staff to provide good working environment and development platform, efforts to achieve staff with enterprise common development and progress.